About Us

ky farm chain 1

Kentucky Farm Chain is a group that aims to connect young Kentuckians with their farmers by providing an avenue for individuals to become informed about and engaged in community supported agriculture (CSA). Our goal is to make CSA memberships more accessible to those who are interested in supporting local food movements, but are not sure how or if they can. By creating a centralized location for individuals to find local farmers, information about the memberships they offer and links to join their CSA, we hope to achieve this goal.

This website was created to  show why supporting our farmers is so important, not only for them, but for everyone.  We believe that a CSA membership provides more than just a weekly bushel of goods. By participating in the local food market, CSA members help strengthen our economy, our environment and our community.

We hope to shorten the community food chain by creating a farm chain and, in turn, help create a more sustainable future.



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